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Tous Les Jours Korea
Established in 1996, Tous Les Jours is a leading chain in the food industry's premium café bakery segment. Tous Les Jours developed an on-site production system for each store to provide customers with 100-percent freshly baked products, as well as delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients and the most sophisticated fermentation technology.
September 1997 Opened 1st Tous Les Jours Store (Gu-Ri, Korea).
November 1997 Established Frozen dough facility (Um-Sung, Korea). Started mass production and distribution with the most advanced frozen dough technology.
September 1998 Started franchise licensing to the public.
April 1999 Opened 100th store.
September 2000 Introduced Tous Les Jours frozen dough in the United States.
June 2001 Opened 300th store.
May 2002 Added Coffee, Sandwiches, and Fruit Juice menus successfully.
January 2003 Introduced Café-style Bakery business model.
April 2004 Opened 1st store in the U.S.
May 2005 Established Central Kitchen in Monrovia, CA.
August 2005 Opened 1st store in China.
June 2007 Opened 1st store in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
July 2008 Reached 1,000th store.
As of 2008, Tous Les Jours operates bakery-cafes across the United States as well as in Asian countries outside of Korea, including China and Vietnam. In the United States, we currently operate more than 10 stores in California, Texas and Georgia. It is Tous Les Jours' goal to continue to expand worldwide, so a broader population will be able to enjoy our freshly baked pastries daily.