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Customer Service
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ajdkjasdkj What does Tous Les Jours mean? And how do you pronounce it?
It means "Everyday" in French. It is pronounced, "Tu-le-juru"
Do you franchise?
Yes. If you are interested in Franchise Business, Please feel free to contact us via telephone 213) 427.5566 ext.445
How can I work at Tous Les Jours as a part-time employee?
Please call or visit a Tous Les Jours store near you and ask the store manager about job opportunities.
Do you provide delivery service?
No. We do not deliver cakes or other bakery goods.
Do you take orders for customized cakes?
Yes, we do have special cakes with various designs and sizes ready that would make your special occasion more memorable. We can customize cakes for a wedding, for instance, that can be two or three layers, which is appropriate for about 150 people. We do not display these cakes at our stores. Please consult with the store manager.
How long can I keep the cakes?
For the best taste, we recommend that you enjoy our cakes on the date purchased. However, cakes are good for up to one week if kept refrigerated.